Architecture Competition Wildlife Pavillions Finalist | Terraviva Competitions
From Merve Sahin & Daghan Dizdaroglu

The Torbiere del Sebino houses three pavilions to provide a fully immersive nature experience. These lightweight mesh structures are made up of porous mesh cells that can be occupied by various flora and fauna found in nature reserve. By passing through the inhabited pavilions, visitors can have an up-close and personal encounter with nature. Three pavilions, situated on land, in the sky, and on water, have the ability to attract various species.


Three pavilions were designed to blend in with nature and offer unique experiences to visitors. The ‘Slide’ pavilion situated on a slope and heavily overgrown with vegetation, provides an inviting entrance to visitors and allows them to observe wildlife in their natural habitat through porous walls. The ‘Cloud’ pavilion located over a wetland, serves as a platform for water birds to stand on while hunting and as a nesting area for winged creatures. The ‘Stones’ pavilion, located on the edge of the wetland, offers a peaceful retreat for water animals to rest and visitors to contemplate and observe the environment.

Overall, these three pavilions serve as an innovative and playful way to connect people with nature and provide a uniquely immersive experience. The lightweight mesh structures not only allow for flora and fauna to grow and inhabit the pavilions but also create a sense of transparency that allows visitors to feel fully immersed in natural environment. By bringing people closer to nature in this way, the pavilions also serve as a powerful tool for environmental education and awareness.

The history and landscape of Torbiere del Sebino had a significant influence on the project. The three pavilions were designed to blend seamlessly with the serene and calming environment, without causing any disruption. The design aims to bring visitors closer to nature, allowing them to observe it in detail. We wanted the pavilions to become a part of the beautiful and uninterrupted horizon over the water and vegetation, where different species coexist in an exciting ecosystem. Furthermore, the pavilions were designed to create a dialogue with the few existing structures on the site. Overall, we wanted our project to respect and enhance the unique history and landscape of Torbiere del Sebino.